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Hi Beautiful Soul,

My name is Christine Nicole, I have created the Mindful Method Coaching container to create awareness of the importance of mindful living and the power of creating change on the subconcious level.

I am a Mindset and Manifestation Coach and my purpose is to empowerwoman to stand in their truth & be who they were always meant to be. I am here to guide you to find inner peace, smash limiting beliefs and to have a positive mindset. It is time to start living the life you were always meant to live. 

xo Your Coach, 

Christine Nicole

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What is Mindful Method Coaching?

We all have such power and strength within ourselves to live our lives fully. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and some healthy tools to harness that power. This is where you start that journey. It's time to be the Goddess you were born to be. 


Using tools such as NLP (Nuro Linguistic Programing), EFT, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapey, Parts Intergration, Meditation, Journaling, Yoga and Breathwork -

I will help guide you to find your inner truth and overcome the obsticals and trauma that is holding you back.


It is time to see your life and the world around with new lenses. Its time to change your subconscious mind to uplevel your life. 

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Meditate at the beach
Beach Meditation
Summer Festival
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Summer Fun
Outdoor Meditation
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Beach Yoga
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Are you ready for Transformation?

Are you feeling stuck or looking for a positive shift in your personal or professional life? If so, our online group coaching program is the perfect place to start. Join our community as we embark on a transformational journey toward achieving our goals. Take advantage of our limited time discount and make the decision to change today!

You belong here.

Our Mindful Method Online Group Coaching program is designed to help you cultivate mindfulness in all aspects of your life.


With live yoga classes, personalized hypnotherapy sessions, and a supportive community, you’ll have everything you need to thrive. As a monthly member, you’ll also enjoy unlimited access to our virtual library and preferred access to our retreats and workshops at a discounted rate.


Join us today and start living your best life!

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Christine Nicole


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