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My name is Christine Nicole, and I am the co-founder of the Recovery Project Foundation here in South Carolina. I created this foundation as a way to cope with my own grief from losing a loved one to the battle of addiction. I was fearful that I would never get over such a tragedy, but hopeful there was a solution. That hope fueled me to want to help people who not only struggle with alcohol and drug addiction but also the families and loved ones struggling.


 Addiction doesn't only affect the addict or alcoholic, it affects the entire family. I am that daughter, that sister, that spouse and that loved one. I have experienced this disease from this side of the fence and I am here to tell you I understand the pain and struggle that you are facing and I want to help. So I decided in the midst of all of the hurt, loss, anger and frustration I decided to create a foundation; a project to help everyone affected by alcohol and drug addiction.


Our goal in creating the Recovery Project is to tackle addiction head on from all angles. Our mission is to create both online and in person programs for children and families and those struggling with addiction to heal. Lasting change in true inner transformaion starts on the subconscious level. Using NLP, Hypnotherapy, TIME Techniques, EFT and Parts Intergration in my family recovery coaching container, I am able to help my clients heal on a much deeper level. 

We wanted to create a space for the families to be heard. A space where families can come together and fight the battle together. As a recovery foundation our mission is to raise money to sponsor families to get the support they need to heal. When the family heals we can be our loved ones best chance at recovery. 


Please join the Recovery Project Foundation in our mission to sponsor those families who may not have the means otherwise into theraputic programs, by donating to our foundation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for suppport and generosity. 

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